Our expertise provides our customers with an end-to-end solution for all coating needs, with demonstrable efficiencies found through our integration.

Commercial Painting

Our focus is centred in the painting of interior and exterior surfaces of public buildings, new construction, recreational facilities and government assets. Maximising protection of long term assets while minimising maintenance and costly repairs.

  • Fire damage rehabilitation
  • Heritage property restoration
  • Water damage repair
  • Public asset renewal
  • New construction surfaces
  • Recreational facility upgrades
  • Property management


Heritage Restoration

Facade Resoration and Lead Removal (2015 & 16 MPA Heritage Award Winners)

Box Hill Tafe

Public asset renewal

Complete painting works of the external facade

Dandenong Plaza

Property Management

Complete external repaint

Flinders Street Station

Historic restoration

Complete external repaint

Immigration Museum

Heritage Restoration

Lead removal, fa├žade repair and repaint with a breathable paint

Melbourne Zoo

Heritage restoration & Property management

Ongoing repainting of animal enclosures and buildings

Monash University


Full refurbishment of the lecture theatres

Prahran Market

Heritage property restoration

Complete external repaint



Asbestos encapsulation to the roof sheeting

Young & Jackson

Heritage property restoration

Coating removal of external facade and full repaint of external and internal surfaces

Industrial Protective Coatings

We specialise in a unique range of services while keeping pace with government and industry regulations. We continue to innovate with our supply partners on new technologies and product developments to ensure we provide our customers the smartest solutions to the challenges they face.

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Protective coatings
  • Membranes
  • Linings
  • Substrate protection
  • Laminates
  • Lead abatement
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Acid bunding
  • Passive fire protection systems
  • Dry ice cleaning
  • Civil contracting


Abrasive Blasting

Full coating refurbishment and lead removal works

Manhole pits, Adelaide Council

High Performance Lining

Relining sewerage manhole pits

Tank, Pilkington Australia

Abrasive blasting and protective coatings

Full Coating Refurbishment

The Spire, Melbourne Arts Centre

Protective coatings

Isolated corrosion control and coating refurbishment

Bolte Bridge, Transurban

Protective coatings

Corrosion control of the underside monorail system

Citylink Panels, Transurban

Protective coatings and Anti graffiti

1.2km full coating refurbishment with an anti graffiti/carbonation coating system

Red Sticks and Yellow Beam - Transurban

Protective Coatings

Full coating refurbishment with an anti graffiti/carbonation coating system

Chimneys, Ecogen Power

Substrate protective

Testing of high temperature resistant coatings

Warburton Water Pipe, Melbourne Water


Removal of hazardous material (CTE) abrasive blast and full coating refurbishment

Tidal Gates, Melbourne water

Concrete rehabilitation and protective coatings

Coating refurbishment of new gates and concrete rehabilitation

Channels, Western Treatment Plant


Installation of a geo textile liner application to earthen channels

Sand filters, Westernport Water

Concrete rehabilitation and linings

Concrete refurbishment and reinforced liner application to sand filter


We have extensive experience in the preparation and coating application of all flooring specifications. We work across a variety of industries including; Food and Beverage, Local Government, Warehousing, Aviation, Commercial and Retail. Creating safer environments for employees and customers.

  • New construction
  • Minor repair & self levelling
  • Full Remedial
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Thermal
  • Shock resistant
  • Chemical and Abrasion
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Decorative

City of Greater Dandenong


2500sqm pool resurfacing over tiles

Chassis Brakes International

Concrete Rehabilitation & Acid Bund Linings

Installation of a polyester laminate system, rehabilitation of structural movement joints, respray of asbestos

Hilton Manufacturing

Non-slip surfaces

High Build, High Gloss, 2 part polyurethane coating system

Basketball court, Monash University


Basketball Court Floor clear coating & line marking

Monash University


Install a Decorative Flake Flooring System

Plant room, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre

Non-Slip Flooring

Install a Non-slip floor coating to plant room

Bus Interchange, Southern Cross Station


To install an instant cure, high gloss, clear coating system

Footscray Stockbridge, City of Melbourne

Full Remedial

Resurfacing of the entire bridge deck with a cementitious elastomeric coating system

Waterproofing, Queens Road Melbourne

Waterproof membranes

Removing a section of concrete and install a new reinforced waterproof lining and concrete reinstatement

Clarendon Street, South Melbourne


Removed existing tiles & screed, Installed new waterproof membranes, screed and tiles

Stratton Heights, Melbourne

Membranes & Non slip surfaces

Application of a trafficable waterproof membrane to the entire rooftop

Long Term Asset Protection

Our unique Long Term Asset Protection Plan provides a number of significant advantages over the traditional ad-hoc painting methods. From identifying or designing the right product specification for your assets to managing the ongoing long term maintenance using the latest technologies available, Mattioli can provide our customers a unique performance guarantee on their assets.

Our Long Term Asset Protection is tailored to complete the restoration and painting works in year one and then a maintenance schedule performed on an annual basis over an agreed term. The payments for the work and annual maintenance are amortised over the full term of the program, rather than being concentrated in the first year. This enables you to focus on your core business in the knowledge the your valuable asset is being maintained on a regular basis and on budget. Our approach is based on these principles

  • Helping you getting the most out of your assets
  • Adding value at all stages of the asset cycle
  • Working with you to deliver your priorities
  • Providing a platform for innovation to achieve short and long-term benefits
  • Supporting our clients with leading professional expertise

120 Clarendon

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance

Bryant & May

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance

Brighton Grammar School

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance

Holcim Concrete

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Corrosion control and complete external repaint

St Kilda Sea Baths

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance

Stratton Heights

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance

Melbourne Sports Hub

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Ongoing maintenance and renewal

World Trade Centre, Melbourne

Long Term Maintenance Contract

Complete external repaint and ongoing maintenance